commercial cleaning projects

Hotel ~ Historical renovation project

Hotel Building Renovation Project located in Peoria, IL . Partner with us and we'll get it cleaned.

Our commercial clean service includes hotels, some of our state of the art post construction cleaning projects. This is one of our renovation projects located in Peoria, IL.

Retail Store ~ Commercial cleaning projects.

As a commercial cleaning contractor contact us for your retail store cleanup.

Over the years, we cleaned retail store both renovation and new construction projects. We're able to remove all saw dust from your project so that your customers will be at ease.

Apartment building projects ~ Commercial clean service

Window Cleaning Atlanta GA, Window Clean Pittsburgh PA

Connie's Commercial Cleaning Co has 20 years of experience in the commercial cleaning services building projects. As a commercial cleaning contractor, we've cleaned apartment buildings. This is one of our projects in Springfield, IL.

Hospitals ~ Commercial cleaning contractor.

Final Clean Services

Are you in need of our services to clean your medical center projects.  We understand the quality of services needed during and after the post construction cleaning phase. We have special equipment used for our hospital cleaning services. 

Commercial Clean Services ~ Post construction cleaning services contractor

Final Cleaning Services Atlanta GA

Over the years, Connie's Commercial Cleaning Company has built a great reputation in the Post Construction Cleaning Service industry in Peoria, IL 

I want to thank all of my clients, general construction companies and management companies, who has given me the opportunity of earning their business. 

Thank you Core Construction Services of Illinois. 

Construction Site Clean-up Services, Rough and final clean services


We have trained our laborers to perform rough cleanup during the construction building phase according to OSHA Safety standards. This is very important for the safety of everyone visiting the building project. After the project is completed we provide labor and material to final clean your building project. Or if you would like we can send a labor out to assist you in your daily cleanup needs. Ask about our Time and Material Rate. 

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We want to help provide a healthy clean environment for your customers, and staff. We use a non-toxic green cleaning solution the smell good and that's non harmful to your body.